Restaurant bar U Bejka finds in historical two-storeyed house from 15. century. From those time originate from dispositional plan and valut. The first known owner house was at the beginning 16. century potter Ambrož, the e.g. baker Vít Steinhauser, shopkeeper Matyáš Erdtov. In years 1739-1785 to have been indoors run butcher trade, heir by birth Streintz.

One from interest is puctire Kájovská madona retaining child in arms. This illustration find in front house, at point false windows. Evidently therefor house bore one´s time title "U Jezulátka" (c. year 1958). This historical property lies near heels Plešivecké stair on trace pilgrimage roads from Český Krumlov to the Kájov, busy already in 15. century.

Today you heartily invite to pleasant sitting, which surely four-square amends secrety house and whole surroundings.